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My notes from migrating a Drupal 7 site to Drupal 8. Backup db Backup files Disabling modules that can be re-added after Enabling admin toolbar / disabled toolbar Drush update Dl drupal 8 and extract… Read More

3D printing is starting to take off but it might remain more of an industry rather than home sector. There is a buzz around VR but I think that its mainstream uptake is still a… Read More

Check out the page for our labs. This is the site where we store all of our tools and techniques and share them with the world. Read More

Google provides developers with two virtual reality (VR) platforms: Cardboard, the world’s most popular and accessible mobile VR platform, and Daydream, a new platform for low-latency, immersive, and interactive mobile VR. Searching for Google… Read More

Health and fitness have boomed in popularity. Cycling has been a part of this growth because it is accessible and¬†practical. It can be used simply for mobility or as a way of life.¬†Not only… Read More

Utilitarian, stripped back designs optimised for speed and action and away from superfluous design elements such as unnecessary animations, transitions and parallax scrolling. There is much more awareness about user experience and focused attention on… Read More

I listened to this podcast recently. Tim Ferriss interviews Matt Mullenweg – the founder of WordPress. It is a great interview and shows the vision of Matt and the ability to use the tools… Read More

Javascript is considered to be a language that will be around for a long time yet because it can be used for creating apps for phone and web apps. It is often used in… Read More

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