3D printing is starting to take off but it might remain more of an industry rather than home sector.

There is a buzz around VR but I think that its mainstream uptake is still a little way off. I feel that the popularity of drones is linked to the popularity of VR. You can see open source software more available for developers to experiment with VR. Platforms are still not standardised and this will provide a barrier for innovation.

Digital storytelling is an area that brings together all digital mediums with the aim of better engaging and providing value for users. Engagement and attention also means revenue for companies.

Edge cases are on the rise. Choose one possibly relatively obscure thing and do it really well as long as it has an interested audience. I feel this pervades into any offer of a product. It is a way to help people to feel confident in their thoughts about their choices and desires. For example, “I know this Stilton cheese that I am eating is the best in X city” rather than “I don’t know where this mass market cheese was produced, who produced it and if it is really cheese”.